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I work as a relief teacher living in rural Victoria, Australia. I have an 22 month old son (this number will change, but was accurate at time of writing) and live with my wife and our 2 cats.

We are expecting a second child in September this year. Up untill one year ago we were very much city slickers, I was born and bread in Melbourne Australia. Last year a job came up for me teaching in a town called Maryborough. We moved to a nearby town called Castlemaine, and it looks like we are now committed to staying in this region for at least the foreseeable future.

I don’t know how to parent, so far I have made it up as I bumbled along and I seem to have survived. So’s The Lad (my son), so I’ve got some fundamentals right it would seem. I do know that I love him and that I love being his dad. Hopefully that’s a couple of steps in the right direction.

I am a geek of many varieties. I’m an ancient history geek, with a background in Latin and Ancient Greek. Those subjects got me far in the world, let me tell you… I am a Star Trek geek, what can I say? I have a man-crush on Patrick Stewart. I am a bit of a science geek, but I blame that on my friends at Science On Top (excellent podcast by the way). I am also a theatre geek (a high school drama teacher, so it goes with the territory) and by extension a Shakespeare geek. I hope to infuse all my spawn with geekiness of their own.


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. danicelegon says:

    I’ve really enjoyed looking around your blog. You certainly had me chuckling and nodding my head in agreement on more than one occasion. You have another follower here.
    Thanks for following my blog too.

  2. Lucas Randall says:

    Did you end up getting a goat? We had two goats named Tom and Jerry. They were awesome, but we had to give them to a family with a farm because they kept nibbling our azaleas, which are toxic. We miss them – they had so much personality!

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