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This blog will record my experiences and thoughts on fatherhood, child rearing and sustainable living. I make no claim to be an expert in any of these fields, but hope that through a series of ramblings I might put together something reasonably cogent for readers out there. At the very least I hope that in writing down (or should I say typing up) my own thoughts I will be able to straighten them out somewhat.

I aim to be candid and will try to not be preachy, although I (like all of us) do have my little hobby horses I like to get on. I hope you’ll be able to share the moments that made me laugh, made me cry and made me swear as I record this journey, like a bunch of other blogs I read out there do all the time.

I will refer to my wife as “The Mamanator” and my boy as “The Lad” throughout the blog. Therefore it is only natural that our impending daughter could only be called “The Lass”.

I wish I could use expletive words to refer to the cats, but as they might cause offence I will simply call them Loki and Puck (their names).

I hope my writings are of some use to somebody out there in the internetiverse. If not of use, then at least of amusement….


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