Gastro Weekend

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August 15, 2016 by Dadinator

We were at the breakfast table on Thursday and all was well. The kids had baked beans, toast, eggs and bacon. The Mamanator and I had something hearty – I can’t remember – and the kids were their normal, exuberant selves. Not a cloud in the sky.

And then there was a gurgle.

Suddenly last nights dinner was puddled on the floor and on the table around The Lad. The Mamanator and I both said “Oh dear” to our son. While our inner voices both said “Oh, shit”. The plague was upon us, we were pretty sure, and we were right. The poor boy vomited again before I left for work in the morning, and was consigned to stay at home for the day. I trooped on to work, hoping I didn’t start feeling queasy part way through the day, and see how I went.

The Lad kept throwing up, poor boy. While I was out for the day, and even after I’d come back. It didn’t let up on Friday, and he was seen by a doctor to get checked over – it was gastro, and we were told if he didn’t pee by Friday night he’d need to go to emergency (as if we hadn’t had enough of hospitals recently…). But, on a strict diet of jelly and pears, he started to perk up on Friday afternoon. Until….

I got a message at work from The Mamanator saying she’d started throwing up – fortunately it was nearly time for the bell, and Friday is that one day teachers can actually leave work after the students are gone, so I made a b-line home.

The Lad was eating some food, it was a start, and I broke out the emergency frozen pasta rations for The Lass. We were going through a familiar ritual… “I DON’T LIKE IT”, “But you haven’t even tried it, just give it a try!!!” etc. etc. etc. She is belligerent at dinner time. She wanted to be picked up, so I saw an opening. “Try this and I’ll pick you up!” She took a bite of ravioli, I picked her up. She declared her dislike for it in no uncertain terms and then threw up all over me.

Lass 1, Dadinator 0.

I knew at that point it was over. Any attempt to avoid or contain the contagion for me were in vain, being spewed on was a point from which there was no going back. The Mamanator was done, The Lad was recovering (slowly), and The Lass had just succumbed. So I did what I could, Mopped up and disinfected what I could, got the kids to bed, completed a “mercy dash” to the supermarket for The Mamanator, got home ate something (on the off-chance it would stay down), and went to bed knowing what was coming the next day.

Mercy Dash

And it did come. In the morning, with a vengeance. The kids watched TV while I sat, waiting. I knew what was coming, but the bloody bastard virus decided to toy with me, took its time, made me wait for the inevitable expulsion of my stomach’s contents.

What followed was a splitting day-long headache that prevented me from moving for most of the day. The kids, little buggers, had just about bounced back by this stage. The Mamanator was still unwell, but had stopped spewing, and I was basically dead weight on the bed, occasionally having a glass of flat lemonade or a bowl of jelly. Which was like manna from heaven, I don’t mind admitting.

So I sat in bed, continued to plow my way through Pratchett and muddled my way through the day untill I decided that we all deserved chips (I really wanted salt….), and ventured out to get us dinner and “help us we’re sick” treats. These included pink doughnuts for The Lass that she then refused to eat because “I just want to look at them!”, a pineapple fritter for the boy, Jubes for The Mamanator and chocolate for the both of us to share.

The good news was that it turned out I was the last to throw up (On Saturday Morning). The bad news was that it cost me my weekend, at least gastro could have struck during the week….

Today was a bit different. We didn’t want to venture out, but got stuff done around the house and garden, keeping the plague as contained as we could. We ate reasonably well, and are all on the mend. There was a blanket cubby at one stage, I almost napped, and all in all the mood was much improved.

My lap is prime real estate as breakfast time....

My lap is prime real estate as breakfast time….

In short, we survived, used a lot of disinfectant, and the kids coped well enough – mostly thanks to ABC4Kids and a touch screen device…. Oh well….

How was your weekend?


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