May 5, 2016 by Dadinator

This post is brought to you by Nuffnang and Bunchems.

Never make time-sensitive promises to your child. I made that mistake week before last after I got a notice in our post box that a parcel had arrived. I had been waiting for a deliver of Bunchems to arrive courtesy of the good folk at Nuffnang for me to review, and the note related to that. Hooray! I had been waiting a little while because sometimes the post takes time when you live in a tiny town.

“Mum will pick it up tomorrow during the day!” I promised the kids.

It never happened, and they were annoyed. Then Friday came and again, the collection of the parcel did not happen.

Saturday was the day! Our post office opens Saturday mornings, and I was going to walk them down and pick it up and… Oh crap, they’re closed. There was a tantrum outside the post office, the owner of the shop stuck her head out to explain that they were renovating, and were shut till Tuesday. The Lad did not accept the explanation and reminded me that I had promised….

More fool me.

But finally, after 5 days of impatient waiting we made it down to collect a new part for our vacuum and a “Mega pack” of Bunchems. I wasn’t home when they got them, but got the debrief afterwards from The Mamanator:

“The kids loved them, and they are all over the bloody house”

And the kids certainly do love them. The Lad, who is 4, is just entering a bizarre phase where he wants to make things. ALL THE THINGS. We’ve had Thomas puppets, race cars, skate boards, a bus, space ship, a robot, monsters, a shield, a sword and probably a billion other things. Any household object is just another raw material to power this artistic mega-brain. Paper, cardboard, bubble-wrap, boxes, disused label makers (no joke), toilet paper rolls… You name it.

He’s a Mini-Mister Maker with extra energy and less of an attention span. The one thread that unites all his artistic efforts is an absolute abundance of ripped paper all over the bloody house….

But, while collecting ripped paper from… you guessed it…. all over the bloody house requires trips to the bin and back, collecting Bunchems from all over the bloody house involves collecting them and putting them back into a container to be used again, which is preferable.

The other thing I like about Bunchems is how easy they are to use. They stick together easily and do not require you to line up tabs and slots in any way at all. You just press them together and voila!. This makes them a wonderful building material that can be used again and again and again.

Now, it would be remiss of me not to mention one issue. Hair. My son decided to decorate my daughter’s hair with them. No idea where he got the idea from….

Beard decoration!

Beard decoration!

Should this happen, and it probably will, there’s a video guide on how to remove them. In all honesty we didn’t go to that much trouble, we just teased them out one by one by one and they came out without too much fuss. They also survived a trip into a clag bottle thanks to my daughter (who, it must be noted, is younger than the recommended age for this particular toy.

So, all up? Our kids are messy, so they still make mess with Bunchems. But the mess is relatively easy to clean up. They also hurt a damn sight less than a Lego brick if you stand on them, so they get credit for that. All in all they are a simple concept that works well. I imagine our kids will be playing with them for a while yet!.


One thought on “Bunchems

  1. Glad to hear they came out of hair fairly easily after some of the mixed media reports! My son is a Mister Maker wannabe too and I love your description of your son being the same – nailed it 😂 The struggle is real!

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