# dadtag Episode 5 – me!


August 13, 2015 by Dadinator

I was recently tagged in a video series by fellow dad, fellow blogger and fellow daddyblogger James from # Dadtag is a series of videos by us folk from Aussie Daddy Bloggers to ask each other questions about fatherhood, blogging and other miscellany out there in the cosmos. So, after getting over myself, getting a camera and accessing an online video editor (Running of a Chromebook at home no Mac or PC editing software to be seen), here’s what I’ve put together.

The question I was given was about writing and blogging. I manage to discuss hyperemesis, childhood morality, teenage emails about politics and even do the dishes while answering the questions.


And if you like the video, let me know and I might make more. (If you hate it, keep it to yourself. I have feelings you know.)


2 thoughts on “# dadtag Episode 5 – me!

  1. James says:

    So good Seamus! Thanks for answering the question and it was really insightful to hear your answer in how blogging has changed your writing which in turn changed your life!

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