Proper Shaving (with giveaway)


September 4, 2014 by Dadinator

This post has very little to do with fatherhood.

Actually it kind of does… I kind of look forward to and simultaneously dread talking to my son about shaving. I’m not sure if he’ll be as beardy as his old man is, but I kind of assume he will be because the hairy genes are strong in my family. Dad was hairy, my uncles (on both sides) are hairy, my grandfathers. Hairy. And so it has always been. So even though my boy’s complexion is fair and his hair a strange combination of strawberry and platinum blonde, I imagine he’ll be able to sport a full beard if he wants to by age 12.

So I’ll have to teach him to shave. My mum taught me to shave. Dad was overseas at the time and the bumfluff on my face was impossible to ignore. So she showed me how it worked. We shaved it off and all was well.

Then I decided to have a go myself… You can guess what happened. Big cut. BIG cut just above my lip on the philtrum (thanks google). It hurt. It bled. I had my sister’s school concert to go to that night. I held a tissue over my face for the whole thing.

Over time shaving became more frequent and I have gotten better at it. I also explored different ways of shaving. Modern cartridge razors. Cheap single use razors. Electric razors. I met some problems…. Electric razors simply didn’t give me a smooth shave. Cheap single use razors cut me all the time and felt crap. Cartridge razors were okay, but I often had to go over some areas of my face more than once for them to really work and I’d get ingrown hairs and pimples.

Then, as an adult, I made a discovery. Here it is:

Don Draper. Is there anything you can’t teach me? If we exclude happiness, fidelity and sobriety from the list, he can teach me plenty. This video got me thinking about shaving….

Back in the 50s men shaved with a “safety razor” or a “double edge” (DE) razor. It contained a blade. That’s it. one blade. Forget promises of 5 or 6 blades and trimmings, a DE razor is a simpler and (I think) more elegant thing.

Of course if I wanted to throw back further into history I’d look at a straight razor (a “cut throat”) but two factors stopped me. 1.) They are bloody scary things and 2.) I have kids. Kids with the power to get at the things I don’t want them to get at. Kid’s that can scale any shelf and open any cupboard no matter what I do, and if they got their hands on a cut throat razor they could do some damage.

There was another motivating factor for me. I wanted to find a way of shaving that involved less rubbish going in the bin, and a DE razor helps do that. The blade needs replacing every week or so, and there’s no plastic at all. I like that. It’s also much cheaper than cartridge based razors (the blades cost less than a dollar each).

I was quickly suckered into it. I read up on “The Art of Manliness” and did a lot of Internet browsing before making a final decision. Fortunately a bunch of the online shave shops I found were able to give me a ‘blade sample pack’, a pack of 5 different blades to try out before I decided which was the best for my face.

I’ve learned a bit since then, I’ve cut myself a few times too to be honest. I tried different blades (there are plenty of brands), different soaps and used different cups and scuttles etc… I started on a slipper slope, upgraded my razor and brush more than once, now have a separate travel set and…. Well you get the picture. Actually here’s the picture:

SHaving kit

My pride and joy….

Which brings me to Dindi Naturals.

We discovered Dindi when we were looking for products for use in the bathroom that contained no palm oil and were produced locally. So when I conceived the idea of writing a shaving post I approached them about doing a giveaway. That’s right, I approached them.

Dindi make the shaving soap I settled on after trying a bunch of them because it works. It’s rich and creamy as a shaving soap should be and it smells good to boot. They developed the product with wankers dedicated wet shavers like me in mind, and it does the job. More recently I’ve discovered they also do an aftershave oil and a beard soap, so jumped on that bandwagon too.

The beard soap is a black puck of soap for use in the shower. It’s rich, creamy and smells like liquorice and is specifically formulated for that thicker, more wiry hair men grow on their chins. Beard hair is not like head hair, so it needs to be treated a little differently.

And then there’s the shaving oil, which I’ve quickly fallen in love with. It’s smooth, warm and smells nice. It’s perfect on skin that’s freshly shaved and it’s scented with Australian bush smells.

Oh yes, there’s a give away. Dindi have given me a “busy Blokes Recovery Kit” to give away, and they are throwing in their shave soap and beard soap as well. That’s a $70 value of wonderful, Australian made products for your face, hands and body. I swear by them all.

You can enter via the Rafflecopter competition below. Would make a great gift too! There are lots of different ways to enter through likes and follows, and if you’d like to share a shaving story below I’d love to hear it! Who taught you to shave? Did it work the first time? Have you ever had bad facial hair? (I had a full Ned Kelly beard for the first 2 years out of high school….)
a Rafflecopter giveaway


One thought on “Proper Shaving (with giveaway)

  1. Alex says:

    I wish I had cool facial hair. I don’t. I can grow a glorious mustache but for a few weeks there I look like seedy nightclub owner so I tend to do the Roman thing and keep it close.
    For some reason I bought a cut throat razor when my son was born… like I thought I had to be more of a ‘man’ or something. Odd

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