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August 2, 2014 by Dadinator

This post is sponsored by Just Cuts as part of their #Justcutsstyle competition.

When I was young dad would always take me for a haircut. We knew an Italian barber down the road from where we lived whose personality and shop filled every stereotype that might be conjured up by those words “Italian barber”. Posters were hung with images of 80s hair models with 80s haircuts. Flat tops, mullets, perms and other unidentifiable hairstyles that were just plain BIG.

Dad would always go first while I flicked through magazines, looked at the scissors flying around or looked at the various lotions and potions they sell in barber’s shops. For some reason this always included lighters, flints and lighter fluid, no idea why. I remember sitting in the chair with a cushion underneath to raise me up to a workable level. I remember the snip and the whirr of the razor, the smell of the neon blue sterilizing gel the scissors were soaked in and the rough feel of the cloth collar put around my neck. I was always something I did with dad.

Today I took my boy to get a haircut. It wasn’t his first haircut, we have a friend in Castlemaine who regularly trims his locks. It works well, her son – who I shall call Mr. A – is great mates with The Lad, so it becomes a play/haircut in one and he loves it. Today was different because I was taking him. It was me, him and Just Cuts in Watergardens.

For reasons I can’t quite comprehend I was nervous. I thought he might bawl or fidget his way into getting a nick from scissors or clippers. I thought he’d yell and scream or he’d run out of the shop, cape flowing behind him. But it turns out your modern hair-dressing outfit is well equipped for little ones.

Getting ready

Getting ready

Just Cuts run a smooth operation. We were seen to straight away and I volunteered The Lad to take the first round in the seat so I could shepherd and run interference as necessary. However the good folk had a secret weapon. A portable DVD player loaded with the LEGO movie. I never got the LEGO movie during haircuts…. It worked splendidly, my little boy watched on, satisfied and still, while Brenda (who was helping us) worked her magic.

I suck at answering the question from hairdressers and barbers “What do you want done?”. I just suck at it. I don’t  know what looks good, I don’t know what works and I don’t know what it will look like. I like to trust the instincts of the hair professional and leave them in charge – I’m sure there’s a large segment of the populace that feels the same way.

But this time I was taking responsibility for my son’s hair, somehow it seemed a little more important, so I gave clumsy directions. “Keep it off his eyes and ears and neaten it up on top”, I said with mock confidence and trusted that they knew what they were doing.

I quickly discovered that they knew exactly what they were doing. The Lad was kept entertained, still and the job was slick and quick. He fiddled with hair clips, watched the movie and spent time making faces in the mirror. I occasionally got him to look this way and that and snapped some quick photos. It was over fast, and left me wanting to watch the rest of the Lego movie… (I haven’t seen it, but now I kind of really want to…)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The boy approved of his new look (so did mum), so all was well with no fuss.

It was my turn next, and fortunately the Lego movie was still holding sway over The Lad so I could sit and relax. I was familiar with the drill, having been a JustCuts regular during my early adulthood. As usual my haircut was conservative, shortening the back and sides, neatening up on top, try to make myself look a little less balding than I am. Brenda was friendly. I talked about blogging, about moving out of Melbourne into the country and about the fruit trees we planted recently.

Before I knew it the job was done and we were two dapper young gentlemen ready for anything. My son (the charmer) got a lolly pop and some stickers for his trouble too, they know how to handle toddlers. I salute them! And they also helped us survive our first visit to the hairdressers as father and son.

So I took a selfie of the two of us.

A spiffy pair

A spiffy pair

Currently Just Cuts are running a promotion which gives anyone receiving a haircut there a chance to win a share of $5000 worth of prizes. You could win gadgets (Samsung Galaxy Tablets), vouchers and AFL or NRL jumpers. All you have to do is get a style cut (which is very reasonably priced), or purchase a Justice hair product to be eligible to enter. Then head here, fill in your details and tell Just Cuts why your hairstyle is better than Beau Ryan’s and Jordan Roughead’s. Mine certainly is, just look at the comparison.

Clearly I win this round

Clearly I win this round


3 thoughts on “Haircuts – Just Cuts competition

  1. They had Peppa Pig DVDs at Eastland last time we went. And I’m so glad it’s not just me who has no idea what to ask for! I figured it was just cos I know nothing about boys hair cuts. Too many numbers!

    • I tend to avoid the clippers these days, and make a simple request: make it look like I have more hair than I do…

      I also figured my son wasn’t up for clippers at his age either. He’ll get there and discover the difference between a number 1 and a number 4….

  2. I must have gone to your Italian barber’s twin brother! Exact same memories, only my barber visits began late in my childhood after my father nicked a chunk out of my ear during a home-haircut. Never again.

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