I fear the quiet.

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May 15, 2014 by Dadinator

There is no quiet.
A fly buzzes around and around.
The fridge whirs.
Clocks tick.
The wind blows over the chimney and makes a hollow, tinny, toneless whistle.

There is no quiet.
Hearts beat.
Breath whooshes in and out.
Stomachs gurgle.
Atoms vibrate making an imperceptible hum that our ears are made to ignore.
A man proofreads his poem out loud.

There is too much quiet.
I cannot hear the noise.
The laughter.
The footsteps.
The sound of toys crashing on the floor.
The sighs of parents with their slow, laboured and carefully chosen phrases of encouragement and admonishment.

There is too much quiet.
No singing.
No reading.
No panting from running everywhere.
No slap of tiny hands trying to crawl.

There is too much quiet.
But I know I’ll miss this quiet when all the noise returns.


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