Writing out of my comfort zone.


January 15, 2014 by Dadinator

When I started this blog up a year ago I did it for two main reasons. I wanted to write down a record of my experiences of fatherhood for myself and for others to read over. I wanted to capture it so I could look back in some of these moments and some of these challenges, maybe even share them with the kids one day. I hoped readers might recognise themselves in some of my little anecdotes, even take some solace from the fact that we all struggle at times, and we all get through it in the end.

I also did it as a way of making myself a zone on line where I could flag “This is my parenting space! If parenting bores you or angers you somehow that’s cool, just don’t read this blog.” This meant my personal facebook was not flooding people’s walls with pictures of kids or details of toilet training, it left me a space to crap on about having kids without babyjacking on-line conversations. I do it enough in real life anyway…..

Sorry everyone… Ummmm….. Want to see a photo of my kids?

Are you going to put this on the blog again dad?

Are you going to put this on the blog again dad?

But I want to do more.

I am naturally cautious about being controversial and about stating opinions. I’m the sort of guy who puts caveats on statements, or who tacks “but that’s just me” on the end of a sentence. My writing is similar and I wanted to find a way to force myself to write out of my comfort zone, to engage with issues, to do some research and write stuff that made me think – and which hopefully made my readers think too.

So I concocted an evil plan. You’re all involved by the way. This is my blogging resolution for 2014. Each month I will write a post on an issue from the audience. It could be anything to do with family/parenting. Religion and kids. Vaccination. Sleeping. Money. Circumcision (is that even a thing anymore?). Gender….. Whatever.


Each month I will put out a call to people to send me suggestions on what to write about. You can comment on the blog post or email me via admin(at), you can or you can post on The Dadinator’s Facebook page.

I’ll collect suggestions and compile a short-list of 4 topics that I will then publish as a poll on the blog. Vote for whichever you want to see me tackle, the issue that comes out in front will be the one I write on.

So, what would you like to see me write on this month? Send me your suggestions now, and when the poll goes up remember: Vote early and vote often!.



5 thoughts on “Writing out of my comfort zone.

  1. Oooh how exciting! I totally understand you when you say you try to avoid controversial topics/opinions. I sometimes get a bit too stuck in my comfort zone. I love reading back to drafts I never had the courage to publish a year ago. Sometimes now I shake my head and think – what was the big deal? It’s so funny what some time and some confidence in yourself can do 🙂 All the best – I look forward to getting involved!

  2. Ed Brown says:

    My topic: raising kids in a small town “where everybody knows your name”. What challenges do you face that’s unique to patenting in the country, vs the big city? Do you find it easier to build support networks “hey, we’re all in this together” or do the small numbers mean you have to be more independent?

    And yes I realise that’s kind of what your whole blog is about, and you’ve probably written extensively about it. Sorry. It’s possible I don’t read it often enough…

    • Seamus Curtain-Magee says:

      No worries Ed. It’s a good topic. Everyone always assumes small communities means nice/close communities – it doesnt automatically follow.

      Could I broaden it slightly and look at the whole tree-changing thing? Maybe do a bit if a Mythbustrers post.

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