Dear dad.


October 10, 2013 by Dadinator

Dear Dad,

I thought I would write you to let you know how things were going, and especially how your grandkids were.

Let’s start with the Lass. You’d like her, she looks like her auntie (your daughter), and she stares at things with such focus and intensity, her eyes boring into you, burrowing into your soul. She is very much alive and alert. She makes no bones about letting her parents know when she is displeased either, but once satisfied she is as pleasant as pie. She’s a dark haired thing, I think she will end up with brow eyes. I love her a great deal, and I miss her when I’m off at work. Funny how they get your heart in their little hands so quickly.

She sleeps plenty, during the day that is. So far, I cannot say the same about nighttime though. I’m sure that will pass. It did with the boy. She gets a little bit of reflux, which is a new thing for us to have to deal with. The Lad never had it at all, but all babies are different.

The Lad just keeps on growing and keeps on expanding his world. He’s a wonderful boy, bubbling over with enthusiasm, curiosity and a thirst for independence. He has your eyes. He also loves books, almost as much as you. Not bad for a kid who isn’t two yet. He talks all the time. I have to watch my language around home these days, he repeats everything he hears. When something goes away he tells me “That wasn’t an accident.” And the asks “Wasn’t it?”. He doesn’t have affirmative and negative forms of words down yet, but give him time. He knows the names of the planets too, although he calls Jupiter “Jupitata”.

I’m so sorry you never met them and they never met you. I promise I’ll tell them both about you, and tell them that you love them. You missed your grandson by one and a half years. He was born 3 days before your birthday. You would have been 66.

Your son


2 thoughts on “Dear dad.

  1. That is beautiful. Must be hard not to be able to share the ‘Dad’ moments with your own Dad.

  2. […] I wrote a letter to my dad about his grandkids. It was hard to write, he died about 2 months after I got married. But I think it reads well, and its one of those posts I look back on and read from time to time. They’re the special ones. […]

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