October 2, 2013 by Dadinator

Today I realised I’d forgotten the simple joy of holding a really small baby.

Today I sat with my girl on me, sleeping.

Today I walked around town wearing a sleepy baby in a sling thing on my chest.

Today I had a coffee with The Mamantor with the Lass pressed to my chest.

Today I remembered sharing the same kind of morning with The Mamantor just shy of 2 years ago, the same piece of material pressing The Lad to the same spot on my chest.

Today that day seems a long time ago.

I am so happy we get to do this all again.


Even if:

Today the couch got a new stain. Yes that kind of stain…..


One thought on “Today.

  1. Jonathan says:

    I can really identify with what you talked about here. My wife and I became parents for the first time this year and our son is now five months old. It felt like such a special time when he’d just go to sleep while we were holding him and remain cosy, calm and asleep like that for ages. Love your kid’s facial expression in the picture, by the way!

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