The baby ALWAYS wins.

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September 30, 2013 by Dadinator

Today I was reminded of the statement that makes up the title of this short post…. Here are two anecdotes that represent how this is true.

The Mamantor was sitting with our youngest on the couch as I was off organising animals (cats need feeding, chickens need locking up…).

The Mamantor called out to me. “Hey Dadinator, come look at this! She is looking quite unattractive right now” and she chuckled. Over I go for a look, there’s my girl looking a little annoyed, and very heavy in the jowls from how she was being held.

5 seconds later, she threw up all over The Mamantor. I sighed, saying “See, you shouldn’t have said that. You know why?” The Mamantor raised an eyebrow. “Because the baby ALWAYS wins”.

Later that night The Lad was playing with his baby doll, declaring “Take Baby for walk!” His doll has a pusher, so off he went. As often happens the pusher capsized, baby doll fell out head first. “Its nearly bedtime Lad, you should put baby back in and park the pram. Okay, first pick up the pram.” As he does so, he strikes his jaw with the pram handle and starts to cry, all though in his own words of reassurance to himself he said “That wasn’t so bad, wasn’t it?” (He’ll get there)

“Sorry Lad,” I said wisely, “you should have been more careful. You know why? Because the baby ALWAYS wins. Even if you’re a baby yourself and they’re a doll.”

Today The Lad fell off some play equipment. It was something he had climbed dozens of times before unaided. He fell from the very top, of course. I felt terrible. The Lad was fine, a small scrape and some blood in his mouth where he had bitten his tongue. As we left the playground his main complaint wasn’t of pain, but was that he wanted to go back to the playground.

So, after I got him some cold water and cleaned him up, back to the playground we went. You see, even when the baby loses, the baby ALWAYS wins.


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