September 20, 2013 by Dadinator

So, The Lass has been home for a week. What have I learned?

1) The fact that it takes you twice as long to get to the crying baby makes little or no difference really. You just feel like a failure. They don’t really care.

2) The greatest threat to a new baby from a toddler (initially) isn’t malicious intent, but their “drunken meerkat” level of coordination.

3) Toddlers have no sense of property, they are in fact communists. Communists that think all the babies things belong to them…

4) Babies are little. You forget how little….

5) You can and do all fit in a queen sized bed by the end of the night.

6) Somehow one new three and half kilo human doubles the amount of washing you were doing before. Even with a toddler….


2 days worth of nappies...

Many more lessons to come I am sure.


This doesn't happen much


3 thoughts on “Two.

  1. Jonathan says:

    That’s a great range of reusable nappies! Reminders of when our five month old son would go through a lot more of them a day too – I think 11 was the highest number of poops he managed in 24 hours. Thankfully he’s calmed down a bit now.

  2. msgnomey says:

    My biggest gnomeling (five in a month) still sneaks into mama’s bed as much as he can get away with. These days he’s cunning and gets in without waking me up, until he kicks me repeatedly during the night. *sigh*

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