Suspended Animation


September 6, 2013 by Dadinator

I am a patient man. I teach teenagers for a living. I have a toddler. I vote below the line. Today I waited patiently to be served at the jewelers while the guy ahead of me was getting advice on bracelets for his other half. I have sat good naturedly in a pub waiting for my meal while those around me have been served, finished their food and started to make noises about leaving. Okay to clarify that last story, I asked after my food 3 times, I am patient but not a pushover.

But I can’t wait to meet my daughter. Our lives are in a strange holding patten at the moment. We’re at the top of the ramp of a ski jump. I’ve seen snow about 3 times in my life, I know what I’m talking about… But yes, standing there behind the barrier shivering in my Lycra (ewwww), waiting for the lights to come on, the gate to drop and the descent to begin. I know what’s coming, a quick and terrifying hurtling downwards through labour and childbirth before hitting the jump and being launched skywards into the euphoria of those first few days. Finally we will land, and have to start facing the realities of being parents of two…

But metaphors aside, it does feel a bit like time is standing still for us right now. The Mamanator is due in 2 days, The Lass could realistically have arrived by now, but has not. Until she does we are in waiting. Everything else in life feels like a bit of going through the motions, it feels a shade hollow, like it did the first time around,

The one exception to this is The Lad. He keeps on growing, learning, running and bouncing. He reminds me that time is still passing. My little boy, who usually can’t sit still, is keeping me grounded in my life right now.

I have lots of questions bubbling around my head:
What will the birth be like?
Will I be helpful?
Will I forget to bring something?
Will I cry? (Yes, yes I will)
Will my baby settling tricks work the second time around?
Will she look like me?

And a host of others. I look forward to finding out the answers.

So hurry up little girl. I love you.



PS feel free to guess the date and weight of The Lass! She is due on Sept 8 (Sunday). Her brother came in at 3.66kg (8 pounds). Best guess gets an internet high five and great glory!


2 thoughts on “Suspended Animation

  1. awesome mummy of 2 says:

    15 september. . . . 9 pound

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