August 22, 2013 by Dadinator

The Lass is due in under 4 weeks. Birth plans are laid, hospital bags are more or less packed, and the house is ready. We have rehearsed and practised some of our routines for the birth, and re-clued ourselves up on the process and the coping mechanisms available. Medical appointments are up up date, tests are done and all is ‘normal’. Who knew ‘normal’ could be such a source of comfort.

But there is a complication from the last pregnancy hanging over our heads. Something we didn’t really think of at the time that could massively alter the course of this birth. It’s a nagging detail, easy to overlook. It wasn’t a medical complication, things went smoothly. It wasn’t a psychological complication. It wasn’t even an administrative complication. No no, the complication was this: we ended up with a son to take care of. This makes the second time around that bit more, well…. Complicated.

I tell The Lad about the arrangements. He decides he needs a drink...

I tell The Lad about the arrangements. He decides he needs a drink…

Last time we could hit pause on our lives, make sure the cats were fed and scoot to the hospital. I’m pretty sure if we just left a bowl on the floor for The Lad and did the same thing we would be in a spot of bother with the law, and rightly so. We no longer have the capacity to ‘drop everything’ because ‘everything’ includes The Lad, a 22 and a half month old bundle of life, joy and energy.

There’s another huge difference too. Last time the pair of us lived in the city, surrounded by family. We were also surrounded by bitumen, paved back yards and the thronging mass of inner Melbourne, which is why we moved. Now days we live in Guildford, surrounded by open fields, massive gum trees and a dirt road that runs past our place. Grandparental help is 2+ hours away and it is a source of some consternation and stress for us.

Unfortunately The Lass’s due date doesn’t quite align with the school holidays either, she is due September 8. School holidays (for my mother-in-law, a fellow teacher) start on September 12th. So Hopefully she’ll be like her brother and a few days late. I’m expecting to get work right up till the birth, my school term does not end till September 20th, she should have arrived by then, there’s just that little window from September 8-11 which is a bit dicey. We also have a circle of contingency carers around, to whom we are very grateful. Daycare is another option if The Lass times things right for us.

There’s always this solution:

Look dad, you can just put me in a box and take me to the hospital too!

Look dad, you can just put me in a box and take me to the hospital too!

I guess this is the first little bit of 2 kid juggling we will have to do. We’ll be doing it for a while yet. So cross your fingers and toes for us, any wise words will be appreciated!


4 thoughts on “Logistics.

  1. rhian @melbs says:

    No wise words I’m afraid but we are in the same position, I’m due in December and we moved from UK so have no family around to help either. Not really sure what we are going to do, burying my head in the sand seems to be my option of choice at the moment!
    Best of luck with the birth, I hope baby comes at the right time for you. 🙂

  2. Ahhh dear! I love this post from a male perspective!… and a teacher! You’ll be right! That’s my perspective from a mum of five AND a teacher!

  3. Emily Morgan says:

    Phew, best of luck, let’s hope the gods of new baby timing are listening. I can’t wait to see how you manage, as this will be my experience in the near future if I’m a lucky duck..

  4. kazatmeltingmoments says:

    We are in this situation too! I have asked friends who’ve recently become parents of two and they’ve said the new arrival ‘more than doubles the work load!’ Argh!!! What are we in for? 🙂 All the best though. It’s amazing how we all manage and eventually find our groove 🙂

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