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July 26, 2013 by Dadinator

I was having a brief conversation with The Mamanator this morning about how little ones become less little ones over time, and how fun it is when your child gets more interactive. She had just been to see some dear friends of ours who just had their first child (hooooooray!) She had taken a train into the city to catch up and meet the little one, and (as happens) the memories came flooding back.

She got held up on the way home and wasn’t home till after 9pm, so I did dinner and bedtime solo. The hardest part was getting the fire alight while shepherding a toddler and cooking pasta. Peppa Pig didn’t have any pull with him last night, he wanted to see what Daddy was doing. Bless (I didn’t say bless at the time, I said other things.) But we survived. And we didn’t have hot dogs for tea, we had pasta with hidden veggies, and then he ate his lunch for desert (he doesn’t eat at daycare for some reason, makes up for it at home though).

So, back to our conversation. We reminisced about how much less he could do when he was born. He couldn’t talk, couldn’t walk, couldn’t focus past 2 foot or so, he couldn’t hold his head up on his own. In fact there was very little he could do. He is at a fun age right now. I thought he was at a fun age then too, in fact I think all ages are fun in their own ways. Sometimes it get’s frustrating, some have likened having a toddler to having a drunk friend in your care all the time, and I am yet to come up with a better allegory. But he is so interactive, so much fun and so exuberant. He has also started saying “I love you” and melting our hearts, the crafty little bugger.

But would we feel the same way if we didn’t go through those early phases with him? When he would feed for 45 minutes at a go (sometimes longer.) When he needed to be carried everywhere. When he wanted to be on you ALL THE TIME. I’m not sure we would. And, as The Mamanator pointed out, imagine if a toddler was dropped into your life suddenly. A curious half-ferret half-monkey creature that grasped at everything, climbed everything else and ran around like a lunatic. I doubt we would have coped without those early months. They are an essential warm-up during which you get to know your child a bit and you find yourself getting kind of attached to them them so you can forgive them when they paint your face with cream cheese.

So in conclusion, parenting gets to be more work and more fun as time goes on.

Till they’re teenagers.

To S&D my warmest congratulations. Enjoy (as close to) every second of it (as you can), I know your little one is in excellent hands.


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