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July 19, 2013 by Dadinator

Change can bite me. Seriously. I have mentioned in a previous post that kids don’t follow nice clear linear development lines. That they don’t progress steadily on the path to enlightenment. Kids have fits and starts of development. They work something out then forget it or get bored with it or stop doing it to screw with your head or get scared by it or etc….

Our boy worked something out three days ago. He climbed into his cot. Now he is a climber, and always has been, but this was a new level. Scaling the side of his cot, throwing himself over the edge and landing on the mattress. I thought it was pretty awesome. The Mamanator saw it for what it was, another quantum leap in our lives. It was time to take the side rail of the cot down and convert it to a toddler bed, because if he can climb in he can climb out….,

So, the next night, the wall came down.

I miss the wall. It was like all walls in history; the Berlin Wall, Hadrian’s wall, The Great Wall. You know stuff is going on over the other side (bouncing around like a kangaroo after a double espresso, calling out, sticking out arms and generally carrying on. Occasionally something will get chucked at you (soft toys, blankets, drink bottles…). But while the wall is there, you’re on your side and they’re on their side and it just makes sense. It was a symbol that once he was placed in the cot, that was it. He was trapped. I mean he was safe.

Not so now. The first night he couldn’t contain his joy. If he wanted to get up and pull clothes out of his wardrobe, he could just do it. He had great power. And no responsibility, because he is only 21 months old. I read our usual stories and he romped around me. I kept him in the room, but short of pinning him like a wrestler or putting him in a straight jacket (not available in toddler sizes) there wasn’t much I could do to keep him in his cot. I mean bed. I hate change….

In the end I couldn’t get him to stay put, and I called in the cavalry, and she did a great job winning out in the end. Last night she had to do the lot solo with a 32 week pregnant belly, and she did it. But tonight I actually managed to outlast him and get him to sleep. So I know I am capable of getting him to bed in this new configuration, and I am sure it will get better.

He has fallen out of bed once. I scooped him back in without him noticing. Superdad moment that one. We have set up couch cushions on the floor to give him a bit of padding. Worked so far….

Also, there is a silver lining. He ends up in our bed every night. Judge if you want, but it means he sleeps and so do we (till ninja-head-kick o’clock anyway….) Now he simply comes to us. I don’t have to go fetch him. It also means if he stirs I don’t have to go check on him because if it’s serious he’ll come get us.

I have no idea what the average age is for this, but I thought when we made this change he would be bigger. I looked at a photo of him the other day, looking for traces of that mushy little baby I held in my arms nearly two years ago. I miss it sometimes, but he’s so much fun at this age, I wouldn’t turn back time if I could.

Anyone else have change thrust upon you by kids doing things you weren’t expecting?


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