Disco inferno


July 8, 2013 by Dadinator

The Mamanator’s uterus is clearly a disco, a rave or a heavy metal concert. So don’t be deceived by the photo:


31 weeks

Our daughter is bobbing around, rocking and rolling far more than The Lad ever did, and she is only 31 weeks along. I will try and record it at some pont to illustrate what I mean. I assume they don’t do any damage with all this body pump they are doing….

Movement is healthy, they say, its still bloody freaky though. A friend of mine recently posted that clip from Alien where John Hurt’s chest explodes as a comment on another friend’s “crap I’m giving birth soon” Facebook status. I think a video of the real thing would freak him out a whole lot more than any classic sci-fi you care to name.

I also have to wonder what it might mean for her personality. The Lad moved a lot, and frequently had the hiccups. But it was nothing compared to the Tai Boh this little girl is partaking in. I wonder if it’s a sign of a more active personality. I hope not, we’ll need a bigger house. A bigger house with thicker walls. Maybe she’ll get it all out of her system in utero and be a cruisy chilled kind of kid.

Maybe, as is most likely, it means nothing whatsoever and we will have to work it out (and make it up) as we go along for a second time. What are other people’s experiences in this field? Active in womb mean anything? Or is it all a guessing game?


One thought on “Disco inferno

  1. Looks like you have a punk-rocker in the making!

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