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July 7, 2013 by Dadinator

My boy likes Fireman Sam. He frequently asks for him on the television, and we have taken to referring to him as “a certain Welsh emergency services worker”. Because we dare not utter the word “Sam” in his presence, lest he run to the TV and point at it with a sense of impatient expectation. I don’t know exactly why he has such an affinity, he likes trucks, he likes noises and he likes hats, so perhaps firefighting may be a perfect storm.

As a parallel story when we moved to Guildford I joined the local fire brigade. For my non Victorian readers, in rural areas of Australia firefighting is done by volunteer brigades which make up the Country Fire Authority, in Victoria. I joined because I value the work the CFA does, and because I wanted to meet some more locals. Yesterday I completed my basic training, and was issued with my gear.

My new bag!

My new bag!

As I graduated from my training yesterday two thoughts ran through my head:
“Yay! I completed my training, I can go fight fires and help people yay!”
And also;
“Yay! I completed my training, I can dress up for The Lad and sing Move aside make way for fireman dad, he’ll think I am very cool…”

Is that pathetic? Reading it back it seems to be….

I wonder if there will be other moments in my life when I will achieve something at work or in my extra curricular life when I will think “this will impress the kids”. I remember my dad, he was a barrister, once had a copyright case which involved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles merchandise, I was 8 or so and very impressed. I kind of thought he was working FOR the Ninja Turtles.

So, has that thought crossed the minds of other parents out there? Don’t be shy….

Oh, and The Lad loved the new hat I got him…. Didn’t give a rats about the person it was for….



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