Keeping busy or, home is where the heart is.

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July 7, 2013 by Dadinator

This week has been tiring. I have been advancing my personal education. I have been looking at teaching Shakespeare in highschool and wildfire firefighting, they have been pretty diverse. I like to think I am versatile. Of course its nothing compared to the demands being placed on The Mamanator. She is now in the home stretch. 31 weeks down, she is ponderous and very beautiful. Whatever I may be doing, it feels remarkably insignificant compared to growing a human being. Then there’s The Lad, in all his evolving complexity, starting to string together 2 word phrases (bye bye daddy came out this morning). So its clearly been a big week for all of us. Looking forward to a quiet Sunday.
Monday involved a drive to Melbourne for 7 hours of workshops (on Romeo and Juliet) a drive home, a 3 hour theory lesson on bushfire safety and then home to sleep by about 10:30. The Lad woke up once, but I got some slumber in there somewhere.

Tuesday was an earlier start. We were on the road from 5:45am, and we pulled up at a certain Scottish sounding burger joint for breakfast, filled the holes in our stomachs and I was dropped at uni for more Shakespeare (more Romeo and Juliet then some Macbeth), and then back to Melbourne base camp 1 (the in-laws place) to spend time with Laddicus (dinner, bath and bed time) and then recuperation and sleep. Rinse. Repeat (with some Hamlet for good measure).

The Mamanator spent her time in Melbourne hanging out with her mum, catching up with friends, taking The Lad swimming and commencing operation “nesting instinct”. We now have lots of clothes for our impending daughter, a bunch of storage solutions from IKEA and she has just machine washed a set of curtains. She is also now talking about repainting the kids’ room.

I got in time with my mother on Thursday night too, and had a chance to see friends on Friday, for a baby shower of all things. The baby population of this particular circle of uni friends is about to explode from 1 to 4 by the end of the year. Funny how that happens, isn’t it? We left the shower and headed for home. We played the “get The Lad to sleep in the car” game, which we ended up winning, followed by the “move The Lad from the car to the cot without waking him” game, which we also won. Saturday morning was my practical assessment for the CFA, pumping water and squirting hoses. It was somewhat different to Shakespeare….

I have been through busy spells in my life before in many and varied activities ranging from staging plays to submitting grant applications to planning lessons to running school camps. But back in those days, I didn’t also have a child to come home to, and I have discovered how that changes things profoundly. Home ceases to be a place of unwinding and meditative reflection. It was where you went after you’d done all your important business and could vegetate. It was where you got changed and had a quick shower before going out.

Nowadays it’s a place you sometimes desperately want to get back to because there is no more gut wrenching feeling than knowing your child’s already asleep and you have missed that day of their life entirely. Where you constantly compete with your child and entropy in the pack/unpack race. Where you sometimes fall asleep while trying to get your child to sleep. Where you curl up on the couch with your partner and talk about your adventures after the kids are in bed. Where you know these days and their patterns will not last forever, but part of you wishes they would.


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