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June 10, 2013 by Dadinator

So I am feeling down. More flat than down really. Slightly ill and very tired. The Mamanator feels at least as bad. Sleep has not been great, the weather has been very cold up here and I think the niggling chest cough I’ve had for the past few days might be about to blossom into proper sickness.

We had lots of visitors over the weekend. Friends, relatives and neighbours. Awesome to see people, but I think I might be hosted out for a while. Maintaining adult conversation is somehow harder than it used to be. I also spent some time working on the 10th annual Guildford Banjo Jamboree. And now I am zonked. About to go to bed before 9pm.

The Mamanator is in a similar boat. The Lass seems to practising endurance nocturnal kung-fu in utero. Combined with The Lad’s disturbed sleep patterns, I don’t know how she gets her eyes open at all let alone keeps them open during the day. We shall see what the night holds….

Oh and out for lunch today the pub forgot my meal. I got an apology and an assurance it wouldn’t be long. Then we waited. Then gave up and left anyway because The Lad was approaching nap time… Maybe they were having an off day too.

So yeah. A stack of first world problems leaving me feeling down. Still found the energy to bathe The Lad, read him 3 books for 20 minutes, sing to him and rock him for another 15 before taking my jumper off so he could feel and rub my arm as he went to sleep. So at least I know he’s not suffering. He probably gave me the sickness too, the little bacterial colony…. Somehow The Mamanator channelled the energy to stack the dishwasher and hang up the washing. She’s got it as bad as me, plus is 27 weeks pregnant.


Will keep you posted.


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