Book review: Toddle Waddle

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May 28, 2013 by Dadinator

This book is good fun, involves lots of noise and onomatopoeia and was The Lad’s favourite for a while there. It tells a simple story of a toddler taking a walk down by the beach, with an ever growing throng of people and animals following him. However, it does have a use by date on it….

Text: 4/5
Toddle Waddle is clear and follows a simple pattern. All the words in it are either verbs or noises, so it is immersive and written to give the sense of the environment to little ones. Not much happens though.

Illustrations: 4/5
They are clear and colourful and build in complexity through the book.

Interactivity: 3/5
Lots of chances to make noise, and littler ones love the repetition and the patterns. Now days though, The Lad simply wants to skip to his favourite pages, which is what can happen with this kind of patterned book.

The “Okay One More Time” Factor: 2/5
This one gets a bit old after a couple of run throughs. It is mind numbing if it goes beyond that….

Overall: 13/20
While lots of fun this book isn’t a keeper. Not only have I gotten a bit sick of it, so has The Lad. He likes a couple of pages of it a lot, but wants to skip most of it these days. Having said that he still picks it up, so clearly there remains some appeal.

The Mamanator read it to him again today and reported new layers of interaction with the book, and more engagement and interest.  The Lad showed great interest in making more of the noises in the book and identifying what he saw in the pictures. Maybe Toddle Waddle is making a comeback! What can I say? Kids are fickle creatures.


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