The Lad and his changing Mama

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May 25, 2013 by Dadinator

My mother said that as The Mamanator’s body changed The Lad might get clingy. He may be concerned about her changing shape, and he may seem worried by it. I can’t help but wonder if this was based on her experience with me when my sister was born….

What we have found is that he’s having some trouble adjusting to the Mamanator’s more limited ability to carry him at the moment. His attitude to her belly is either one of affection, curiosity or mostly complete obliviousness. He often pats it or even kisses it, but more often fails to acknowledge its existence. He is sometimes over exuberant and too physical with it, and The Mamanator has to remind him to be gentle. Interestingly she will the ask him “do you remember why you have to be gentle?” And he will respond with “Baeeeee” which is Laddish for baby. Those moments are adorable.

He has become fixated on The Mamanators boobs though, that has been most the noticeable thing. If he’s near them for any reason a hand shoots down her top, especially if he is worried or concerned by something. No idea if its common or anything, but if they’re in range he goes the grope. He had not shown any interest in them since he basically self-weaned at 13 months, but now they are once again the bee’s knees. He has shown no interest in suckling or trying to latch on, by the way, he just wants to have a feel. We have lots of theories to explain the behaviour: they look more like the did when he was feeding, they smell of milk again, he takes after his father….

Whatever the reason, it is a source of great amusement. For me anyway. I wasn’t expecting it, and I have no idea for if its a common thing or not. Given the alternative scenarios though, I think we’re happy this is all we have to cope with.


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