Book review: Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus

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May 19, 2013 by Dadinator

This book spent a considerable time at the top of The Lad’s favourite list, and it still raises a giggle. In fact when we discovered the cats peed on his copy of it we secretly disposed of the body and replaced it…

Its written in a natural tone, probably a bit advanced with the vocab for younger kids, but it is written so mums and dads can also have a chuckle along with littlies, which we certainly do.

Illustrations: 3/5
The book drawn in a simple cartoonish style. Lots of earthy colours and simple shapes. Clear but not spectacular.

This is where this book kills it. It’s a hoot, lots of chance for funny voices, expressions and gesticulation. The middle pages have got a laugh from The Lad every single time we’ve read it, and he’s even started answering the pigeon’s oft repeated request.

The “Okay One More Time” Factor:5/5
I can repeat this book, play it up differently each time and still have a laugh with it. It’s kind of fun to throw a tantrum at a toddler too…

Overall: 17/20
I said before that this was one of The Lad’s favourites, but the reason for that is probably because its one of my favourites too. Mo Willems has a great sense of humour, and slyly weaves in a fairly reasonable moral to his story.


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