Sick kids


May 17, 2013 by Dadinator

Last night The Lad was unwell. He had come home early from daycare because he been grizzly and unable to sleep. He’d refused to lie down, and had a lot of wind. Of course, I had gotten a call from his carer 2 minutes after I had put a loaf of bread in the oven… But such is life. I drove out to the house (he is in family daycare) and got him home before the oven caught on fire. So that was good.

When he was home he was a bit floppy but generally normal. He managed to tolerate me taking him on a couple of other errands which I had to get done yesterday, and while he was not jolly he wasn’t complaining most of the time. His carer had told me that he only had a half hour nap, which always put him in a pretty ordinary mood, so he wasn’t acting any worse than I would have expected.

Once I got home from the errands I had to run I quickly came to the understanding that The Lad would not be put down. So, I did something I haven’t had to do in a very long time, I got out one of our baby carriers and wore The Lad while I got dinner together. He was happy enough and had a few bouts of fitful sleep while he was strapped to my chest. After I finished getting everything on to cook we sat down and watched a spot of TV together while we waited for The Wife to get home. He used me as a hammock while we waited, and I got more bits of dinner organised as time allowed.

The Wife returned and noticed he was feeling warm. I figured it was because he and been next to me the whole time, so that would have kept him warmer than usual. I converted the lasagne I was planning into a pasta bolognese, The Lad being home had reduced the time I had to cook, and I got dinner ready while Shaun The Sheep was playing.

The Lad usually LOVES pasta, he has been known to eat a full adult serve of it with us. This time though he refused to eat, didn’t even touch it and uncharacteristically started to bawl at the table. We both cut our dinners short to go bathe him before night TV and bed. It was a bit of a TV intensive day…. We ate our own dinner while he sat with us, and we noticed his cheeks were fire-truck red and he was hot. We decided that he could sit up and sleep on us on the couch tonight. We also gave him a dose of ibuprofen to help calm the fever and help him sleep.

It worked and he slumbered on me and The Wife for an hour or so before stirring and demanding to be rocked. So I rocked him, and made a new song up called “Daddy’s not allowed to sit down”. We went to bed at 9:30 and The Lad slept for about 3 hours, albeit with a lot of stirring.

A bit before midnight he started to stir more seriously. He sat bolt upright and cried loudly. He had gotten warmer and was clearly in distress. I took his temperature with our piece of crap ear thermometer, 38.8, which is high. So we decided to call the local after hours health line and the nurse I spoke to put us through to Castlemaine Hospital. We gave him paracetamol, on advice from the nurses, and brought him in to be checked. They advised that we both come in so we could keep each other awake in the car. By this stage it was 1:30 or so.

Of course he started to calm down and perk up a bit in the car, as is inevitable in these situations. I had a niggling voice in the back of my head telling me we were wasting the hospital’s time or being hypochondriac parents. But that voice was drowned out by the other voice in the back of my head telling me it might be something serious. These voices pop into the head of  every parent once in a while…..

We were the only people in emergency. That was the upside of the small hospital environment. The down side was that there was no doctor on the ward, but after doing a bit of checking, being charmed by the cuteness of The Lad and seeing the state of The Wife and myself they contacted the on-call doctor for us to look him over.

One medical check up later, it was probably a virus which had manifested as an ear infection. Doctor’s advice was wait to see if it improves. If not, he wrote us a script for antibiotics to have filled if we thought it necessary the next day. Then he went home to go back to sleep, and we left. The Lad offered compensation to the nurses paid in extra cuteness when he waved, smiled and said “bye bye” to them as we left. Then the best possible thing happened on the way home, The Lad nodded off and then he even stayed asleep as we brought him in, and was in bed till 8:30 this morning. He has been better today….

Okay I wrote that sentence some hours ago. I have spent the last 3.5 hours working with The Wife to try and get him asleep, having forgotten that all viruses are worse at night. Still he fell asleep eventually. I’ve probably spent close to 2 hours on my feet rocking him in that time….

Now Lad, stay asleep!

So yes, parents your kid will get sick. It will suck for you. Hopefully it gets better.


One thought on “Sick kids

  1. So far we have had an experience like this only once. That awful battle that goes in in your mind betwee ‘What if I am just being hyper-sensitive to a little fever’ versus ‘He’s going to die if I don’t get him to a hospital’ is one of the worst I have come up against so far. I can’t imagine what it mus to be parents to a kid who is really sick.

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