May 14, 2013 by Dadinator

I mentioned in a previous post that The Lad was going through /due for “Language explosion” (BOOM!), and I wrote about how it was effecting his sleep patterns. I haven’t yet written about his many many new words. He’s babbling almost constantly at the moment. It is only a matter of time before these words start to get strung together.

It is a fascinating process to watch and I find myself feeling very proud of him whenever he spouts a new term. I also feel quite chuffed with myself when I manage to work out what he means….

Here is The Lad dictionary version 1.0, it is far from exhaustive, but as I have discovered it is labor intensive to write, so this is a start

cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese(n) 1. Cheese 2. Any dairy product which resembles some form of cheese e.g. butter 3. Any object wrapped in foil that is cheese-esque in shape

apbee(adj) happy

hoht(adj)1. Hot 2. Cold 3. Unpleasant to touch in some way 4. Forbidden to be touched.

up 1.(v)To go up 2. Please remove me from this highchair, bath or cot 3.(adj) up

down (adj)(n) down

Aht(n) 1. hat 2. head

moon(n) 1. The moon 2. Any spherical object in the sky e.g. the sun

Star(n) A picture of a star.

Bubble (n) arch. baou-ff 1. Bubbles 2. (v) To blow bubbles

Baieee (n) Baby

Daddy (n) Father

Mama (n) alt: Mine Mother

App (n) 1. (Current use) Apple 2. (Early use) Any piece of fruit.

Naaan (n) Bananna


One thought on “Words

  1. Oren says:

    For the record, I also call any white dairy product “cheese.”

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