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May 12, 2013 by Dadinator

“The best laid plans of mice and men
They often go astray”

Should be

“The best sleep plans of babies and men
They always get f###ed up”

I am being unfair, of course. I am writing this post in the context of trying to settle The Lad at my mother’s house, while his mother is back in Guildford. This is a daunting task. I usually settle The Lad at home. Well try to settle The Lad anyway, recently its been getting harder, and I have had to call in reinforcements…

So tonight was a solo flight.

Let me give you the plan for the day first then an outline of what happened.

6:30 Wake up in the morning and make breakfast. Dress Lad.
7:30 Sort out stuff to take in to Melbourne at a leisurely pace.
9:00 Load up into the car and drive to Melbourne (2 hours)
9:30 The Lad will fall asleep and stay asleep for the drive down
11:00 Pick up family in Carlton and travel to Mum’s place in Brunswick.
11:30 Arrive at Mum’s. Catch up and unload the car while The Lad stretches his legs.
12:15 Depart from Mums with The Lad for lunch with Sister and Uncle.
12:30 Arrive on time for booking, eat lunch and share anecdotes about dad (today is 3 years since he passed away).
2:00 or possibly later, return to Mum’s and take the Lad to the park to play and tire himself out. Return whenever he seems to have had enough and continue playing until:…
5:00 Start dinner prep
5:30 Eat
6:00 Bath
6:30 Watch In The Night Garden
7:00 Bedtime (Stories songs rocking etc….)
7:30 The Lad is asleep and all is well in the world.

Sounds simple, yes? Here is what went down.

7:15 Wake up. Normally I would kill for a sleep in like this… the Lad stayed in bed. Make breakfast and dress Lad.
8:20 Grab stuff for The Lad. Cram it into bags. Pace not leisurely.
Some time in here Lad runs out the front gate (don’t worry The Wife is with him). Spends the morning playing in the park.
9:00 Remember I need things too. Sort them out.
9:05 Throw things into the boot.
9:06 Remember things I had forgotten
9:20 Depart for Melbourne
9:50 Lad still awake. Plenty of Driving to go though. (Denial)
10:20 Lad still awake…
10:50 Lad not asleep. I get frustrated (anger)
11:15 Lad still not asleep. I offer him an apple. (bargaining)
11:30 Pick up relatives in Carlton. Lad still awake much to my consternation.(despair)
12:00 Arrive at Mums. Explain lad hasn’t slept but shrug my shoulders in resignation(acceptance)
12:20 Ready to go when I noticed the wet patch on The Lad’s pants, I changed his nappy 15 minutes prior to this.
12:30 After a fussy nappy change I get going.
12:35 The Lad falls asleep in the car…….
12:45 Arrive at restaurant wit Lad still asleep. We try to set him down on a row of chairs… He wakes straight away. He tries food and is generally charming, but clearly tired….
2:15 Head back to Mum’s. The Lad doesn’t sleep in the car this time.
2:30 Arrive at Mum’s. Spend 1/2 an hour trying to get him to nap. I fail. Lad gets lots of love and entertainment from grandmother, great grandmother and great aunt. I get some more coffee…
4:30 Start dinner prep early so Lad can have an early night.
5:00 Dinner
5:45 Bath
6:15 Watch Guess How Much I Love You, Humf and In The Night Garden hoping Lad will fall asleep in front of the TV. He does not.
6:45 Discover The Lad has crapped in his overnight nappy. Change nappy.
7:00 Bedtime. Seems to take forever because I am more tired than him at this stage
7:30 He’s asleep. VICTORY!

Some post scripts:

My mood was probably worse than his. He had a rough night the night before (woke me twice) and I appear to be getting sick. I also understand that he was sleeping in a strange place away from mum.

I also know Murphy’s law. It seems to have applied here.

Truth be told The Lad did really well. He slept through the night in the portacot and he was also not sir cranky pants even without his regular sleep. The world did not end, the sky did not fall. So even if things don’t run to plan, it can still work out in the end.

Parenting: it’s where you learn the true meaning of “go with the flow”.


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