The other 0.56428571

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May 10, 2013 by Dadinator

I worked it out on a calculator. Based on due dates I am currently the father of 1.56428571 children.

It struck me the yesterday how different kids can be. We took The Lad to a playgroup in Newstead with two other children. The Lad was romping all over the place playing with everything from the second we got there, but as the the two others arrived I noticed they had a much more cautious approach. It took them a while to get comfortable in the room and took a while to separate themselves from their parents. Maybe it was just that The Lad was there first, I dunno, but they all had different approaches and different ways of interacting with the world about them.

So I have to wonder… What will our daughter be like? Do we just have rambunctious kids? Or is it just his personality? Is it something about our parenting? Will she be similar at all? How will my relationship to her work if she is different? What if all my tricks and jokes and songs and games aren’t her thing?

So…. What do you have to say for yourself 0.56428571? At this stage all you can do is kick around (and kick around you do). I hope you arrive in the world without any dramas. I hope you know straight away that you are loved. I hope you like our home when we bring you back. I hope you get on with your brother. I hope you let me hold you, but I understand I will never be the same as mum.

And finally I hope you understand that you are loved, however different or similar you are to any if your family.


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