They’ll always get you….

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May 7, 2013 by Dadinator

A brief excerpt from this morning:

I wake up, and as is my habit these days I check the time on my phone. It is 10 past 5. I lie awake for a few minutes and cuddle The Wife.
The Wife: Sorry I’ll be back
Me: No worries. (sound of wife using the bathroom, oh the wonders of pregnancy)
Kids 1 Parents 0
The Wife: It’s cold, the fire must have gone out.
Me: That’s because its nearly 5:30. Hector is still in bed. (I metaphorically pump my fist)
Kids 1 Parents 1
Time oasses…
The Wife: I can’t get back to sleep I’m worried about The Lad.
Kids 2 Parents 1
Me: Don’t worry I heard him moving around.
Wife: Okay (she dozes off fitfully while I stare at the ceiling for about 20 minutes)
Me: (Whispering to myself) Time to get up anyway.
Wife: Can you check on him?
Me: Of course.
Kids 3 Parents 1

So I go and check on him. He’s in the top corner of his cot and I try to untangle him from his covers a bit. He stirs and is up before I leave the room.

Game, Set and Match Kids.

You actually cannot win.


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