Trials and tribulations.


May 3, 2013 by Dadinator

A slightly paraphrased conversation with The Wife:

Me: What’s up with The Lad? Its been so rough the last few nights.
The Wife: I think he might be going through a developmental thing like a language explosion.
Me: Well, if that’s the case, after last night by the time I get home from work tonight he’d better be speaking f***ing Latin!

It is worth noting I don’t actually remember the conversation myself. The Wife had to remind me of it when I mentioned I was writing this post.

The last week or so has been hard, The Lad has been in a bit of a state at night. As well as a sudden profusion of new words (profusion is unfortunately not one of them), we have put it down to a combination of eye teeth coming in and an awareness that can be summed up in the sentence “Mummy looks different, WHY?” (“why” is unfortunately one of his new words) Well that’s our guess anyway. Its also getting colder at night time.

So any/all/some combination of these factors have meant our standard night is this:

The Lad goes to sleep at about 8:00, sometimes a little later.
We go to sleep at or around 9:30 or 10
The Lad wakes some time between 11 and 11:30, demanding a drink. I provide it and he usually resettles.
The Lad wakes a second time, usually around 3am and I try to comfort him for 15 minutes or so (although my record is an hour).
I fail to resettle him, give up and I bring him to our bed.
He tosses and turns and kicks and scratches in his sleep till 6:30 or so when he wants to wake up.

If anyone can tell me this ends one day that would be appreciated…..


2 thoughts on “Trials and tribulations.

  1. Ed Brown says:

    It will pass. Weeks may feel like months at the moment, but before long you’ll look back and barely remember this difficulties.

    Good luck, and if there’s anything I can do please ask!

  2. Vicki Curtain says:

    By the time he is in his teens, he will refuse to sleep with you.

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