Review: Where is The Green Sheep

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April 28, 2013 by Dadinator

The is my first review. Given there isn’t much to review in a picture book I’ve decided to give a few general comments, scores out of 5 against 4 categories and then an overall score out of 20.

The categories are:

Text: How well the book is written and how appropriate is it for little ones.

Illustrations: self explanatory really….

Engagement: How interesting the book is and how much potential for interaction there is.

The “Okay One More Time” Factor: You will read the same book a bajillion times, sometimes all in a row. This score reflects how taxing that is likely to be for you and your mental health.

Please note all views expressed are my own and no one has paid me to out forward any views. If you would like to pay me let me know…..

Where is the Green Sheep has become a bit of a staple for young-uns in Australia alongside many Mem Fox books. It’s simple, clear, beautifully illustrated and has enough going on to keep kids entertained.

Text: 5/5
It is well put together and age appropriate, short sentences and simple rhymes. There are only 2 words in the whole book with more than 1 syllable.

Illustrations: 5/5
The pictures are lovely and very kid-like. Lots of primary colours, clear and simple imagery.

Some opportunities to point and ask “what’s that?” But that’s about the extent of it. I can see the book opening up when he gets bigger.

The “Okay One More Time” Factor:4/5
It can get a shade repetitive, but its not hard work. Happy to go a few rounds with this one.

Overall: 17/20
This is a staple bed time book for us, always fun. A great one to help introduce books to little ones.


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