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April 28, 2013 by Dadinator

We’re having another baby
Shouldn’t I be doing stuff? Decorating a nursery? Buying crap? Fretting? Wondering about whether I can be a good father to a girl?

I remember worrying about so much stuff in the lead up to The Lad, why aren’t these things racing around my mind this time? Does it mean I don’t care as much about my daughter? Arrrrgh!

That was an excerpt from my stream of consciousness earlier today. I am usually more rational. We have most of what we need already: nappies, sleep gear, clothing (our daughter is going to wear her brother’s old clothing a lot), toys and furniture. Our list of needs is quite small.

I also have a son to look after this time around whereas last time it was just The Wife and I. That means time for worrying is considerably less. Even though I was studying teaching last time, and felt extremely busy, it turns out child raising is busier still.

So yeah. Things are under control. I’ll let you know if I still think this after she arrives.


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