20 week scans

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April 22, 2013 by Dadinator

Today was the 20 week scan aka the morphological scan. They look at all kinds of things. Heart and kidneys, spine, 2 arms and 2 legs etc… They can also, if the baby is lying right, tell you whether it is a boy or a girl.

We, perhaps unromantically, like to find out. We found out with The Lad and we found out this one is a girl.

This post is not about that though, it’s about contrasting the experiences of an ultrasound between first and second babies….

Our son’s 20 week scan was exciting. It was done at the Royal Women’s hospital in Melbourne. It’s one of 2 specialist obstetric hospitals in Melbourne. I remember watching the screen, listening to the radiologist talk us through the pictures and being gob smacked at these glimpses into The Wife’s body. It was fascinating and wonderful. I felt close to my wife and close to the son I was getting to have a peek at.

Our daughter’s 20 week scan (oh my god we’re having a daughter that’s @#$%ing exciting) had a different overall vibe to it. While we were still in a hospital for the scan, the ultrasound process was basically the same and the images were the same set of images, there was a very important difference. We had an 18 month old running around….

As a consequence I was less involved in the ultrasound this time. The Lad was restless. I had to keep him entertained with the toys we had brought in, stop him from going near cords and try to interpret fuzzy ultrasound images at the same time. I ended up taking him for walks a couple of times. He opened the door and took me for a walk a few times too. We had fun, no damage and no injuries (he did bump his head on a door frame, but he forgot about it in 10 seconds). I imagine this is a kind of preview of life with number 2. No serene moments this time around… I suppose we will probably me more pragmatic the second time around. When I work out exactly what that means and how that manifests I will let you know

All this meant that I wasn’t in the room when The Wife was told that the baby was a lass.

The Wife later told me that she was glad that she got to tell me herself. Last time we both found out at the same time. It parallels what happened with the news about the pregnancy this time around. Last time we both found out at the same time at a hospital. This time she was able to tell me herself. I suppose those few seconds when you are the only person holding a piece of knowledge are special. And she did get the chance to see my face light up when she gave me the news (and light up it did, both times).

Anyway I am overjoyed, and currently musing over names for the new lady in my life that will arrive sometime around early September.


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