Pregnancy plus one


January 26, 2013 by Dadinator

This post is being written in late Jan for posting around March when we have officially announced that The Wife is carrying our second child. We found out in very early January that we could expect a second to arrive some time around the mid to the end of September. At this stage it is all a bit surreal, and to a large extent I think neither of us has fully processed the ramifications of a second child. We’re both stoked at the news. We live our boy and we loved raising him till now. Doing it all again will be amazing. At this moment in time though, things are tough.

I mentioned we haven’t officially announced yet. This means this ol’ blog post is my one means of getting my thoughts down and doing some reflection in the situation. Not as good as talking it over with a friend, but it will have to do. The Wife is ill. Morning sickness on steroids with a hangover on the full moon….(and yes this morning sickness is a werewolf). Let me catalogue what she has kept down today for you, dear reader :

Zilch, zero and nothing. I think some liquid has stayed down. She has visited the hospital twice I the past week to be put in a drip and given a shot of anti-nausea medication. On both occasions she felt a modicum better for about 8hours, then it came back with a vengeance.

And yes before anyone asks, we have tried ginger, tried dry crackers or toast before she gets up, tried smaller meals more frequently, midnight snacks,tried teas, extra vitamins and all the stuff they suggest and all of it has done sweet stuff all to alleviate the problems.

She has basically been bed bound for most of the day since we moved to our new ho use. Yes in amongst all this, we have just moved house. It has been a long week… And due to the still confidential nature of the pregnancy, I can’t really talk to anyone about it. I found myself in tears while trying to get The Lad to sleep tonight. The Wife relieved me if duty, giving me a chance to chill for a few minutes, before going to get the washing in, and returning to the house to find her needing to throw up again ASAP, so in I went to finish the job. The Lad has been testing us a bit this past 2 weeks. New house, new surrounds and very different dynamic at home. I can’t say I blame him. But blame or no, it’s hard.

So what to do? Remind myself that this does get better. That there will be another baby at the end of it and that I should be bloody glad that I am male and will absolutely never ever have to go through that stuff.

Wish me luck

(NB by the time this is published we will probably have moved on from this situation. I may come back and add a post script at that stage…)


3 thoughts on “Pregnancy plus one

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